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In this episode, I get to speak with Benjamin Owen.

Benjamin Owen is a Personal and professional coach who’s worked with pro athletes, High-performing barristers, Lawyers, and your person just setting out on their hero’s journey.

Ben Created his first business helping athletes and teams get on podiums and perform at their highest potential. Yet, he quickly found his passion in helping people transform their lives.

Ben has been coaching since the age of 21 and has worked with hundreds if not thousands of people over the last decade and a half. Specifically in creating incredible life and professional transformations.

Tune in to learn practical strategies for achieving your fitness goals and creating sustainable habits.

Our Guest Hacks to take away

  1. Importance of Drinking Water: Drinking three to four liters of water a day is emphasized as a simple yet effective way to improve overall health, including weight loss, mental clarity, and energy levels.
  2. The Big Three Life-Altering Challenges: Encourages setting three major life-altering challenges each year, along with six micro-adventures and one winning habit every quarter. This structured approach to personal growth fosters continuous improvement and transformation.
  3. Value of Having a Coach: Highlighted as a crucial aspect of personal development and goal achievement, having a coach provides guidance, and accountability, and accelerates progress in various areas of life, whether it’s fitness, relationships, or business.
  4. Childhood Aspirations: Reveals a childhood desire to become a teacher and help others, indicating a lifelong commitment to supporting and guiding individuals toward their goals and transformations.
  5. Interest in Hero’s Journey: Expresses a fascination with the hero’s journey narrative found in Marvel films, reflecting an interest in storytelling, character development, and the universal themes of growth and transformation portrayed in such movies.

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