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In this episode, we get to speak with Jon Pethke.

John is a United States Air Force veteran turned entrepreneur. From serving his country to navigating the world of app development, John shares his inspiring journey of resilience, innovation, and entrepreneurship. Discover how he transitioned from military life to pursuing a degree in organizational leadership and ultimately founded his dating app, Koyamor, tailored for introverts.

Tune in to learn valuable insights on turning ideas into reality and overcoming challenges in the startup world.

Our Guest Twitter: @coyamoredating Tiktok: @coyamore Hacks to take away

  1. Importance of Research: Conducting extensive research is crucial when starting a business. The speaker emphasizes that one can never do enough research and encourages continuous learning and exploration to find the best path forward.
  2. Networking for Different Perspectives: Despite disliking networking, the speaker acknowledges its value in gaining diverse perspectives and generating new ideas. Networking has provided the speaker with valuable insights and opportunities for collaboration, highlighting the benefits of connecting with others in the field.
  3. The Virtue of Patience: Patience is identified as a fundamental factor in entrepreneurship. The speaker compares running a business to a rollercoaster ride, emphasizing the need for patience amidst the unpredictability and challenges of entrepreneurship.
  4. Future Plans for Quoiamore: The speaker shares plans to enhance the Quoiamore dating app by incorporating AI technology to personalize user experiences. The goal is to assist users in initiating and maintaining conversations, addressing common challenges in online dating.
  5. Personal Growth and Transition: The conversation shifts to personal growth and transformation, with the speaker reflecting on their own journey from introversion to extroversion. The speaker highlights the importance of being open and vulnerable in building relationships, underscoring the role of third-party connections in an introvert’s social life.

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