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In this episode, we get to speak with Jeanell Greene.

Jeanelle shares her remarkable journey through life’s trials and triumphs. From her upbringing as a first-generation Filipino Canadian to her experiences in competitive dancing and music, Janelle shares how her quest for purpose led her to a profound realization of the importance of self-love and healing.

Tune in as she offers invaluable insights into overcoming adversity and finding fulfillment amidst life’s uncertainties.

Our Guest

Hacks to take away

  1. Facing Fears and Embracing Vulnerability: Encouraging individuals to lean into their fears and get curious about them. Challenge assumptions about vulnerability and its implications, exploring the potential for growth and new possibilities.
  2. Continuous Growth: Emphasizing the importance of striving to be 1% better every day. Acknowledging the discomfort and challenges of change but highlighting the necessity for personal and professional development.
  3. Being the Change: Advocating for actively embodying the change one wishes to see in the world. Rather than merely desiring external validation or appreciation, fostering a mindset of initiating positive change within oneself and others.
  4. Life’s Shortness and Impact: Reflecting on the brevity of life and the profound impact individuals can have on each other. Encouraging a mindset of cherishing moments and relationships, recognizing the transformative power of love and support.
  5. Embracing Personal Evolution: Sharing personal experiences of navigating career shifts and embracing uncertainty. Encouraging listeners to listen to their inner callings and pursue paths aligned with their authentic selves, even amidst uncertainty and doubt.

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