In this episode, we get to speak with Ashton Rodenhiser.

Ashton is passionate about lifting the creative spirit in everyone that she meets. She has followed her passion for helping people communicate their ideas and combined that with creativity by founding Mind’s Eye Creative Consulting.

You’ll often find her with markers in hand as she’s helping bring ideas to life through graphic recording and graphic facilitation practices.

She’s worked with diverse groups, from non-profits to Fortune 500 companies. It may appear as if she’s the silent illustrator in the room. In fact, she’s helping to break down complex concepts and notions into an easily understandable visual language, helping others retain more information while inspiring people to continue practicing her techniques in the world.

Over the years, she has brought over 2500 presentations and conversations to life either on paper or digitally. She’s now on a mission to teach students on how to use doodling and drawing as their best thinking and learning tool.

When she’s not working with clients, she’s being silly with her three young kids and husband in rural Canada.

Tune in to learn how you can harness the power of visual storytelling in your own endeavors.

Our Guest

Website – Website – Twitter – Instagram – Facebook – YouTube – Pinterest – TikTok – LinkedIn- Hacks to take away

  1. Tip 1: Draw on Plain Paper: Ditch lined paper and opt for plain paper, preferably horizontal, to stimulate spatial thinking and signal a shift in the creative process.
  2. Tip 2: Visualize Later: Don’t feel pressured to create visualizations in the moment. Capture traditional notes and then translate them into visual formats afterward to reinforce learning.
  3. Mindset Shift: Acknowledge the Beginner’s Gap: Recognize that there’s a gap between your current skill level and where you want to be. Understand that improvement takes time and effort, and many people give up before crossing this gap.
  4. Exploration of New Hobbies: Embrace the opportunity to try hobbies that challenge preconceived notions, such as exploring gentle sports like surfing, to broaden horizons and break away from binary perceptions of sports and arts.
  5. Preference for Documentaries and “The Office”: Expresses a preference for documentaries over traditional movies and cites “The Office” as a favorite TV show, appreciating its relatable humor and nuanced character dynamics.

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