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In this episode, we get to speak with Erik Scott.

Eric is a systems engineer with over 20 years of experience designing supercomputers. We’ll dive into Eric’s journey in the tech industry and how his passion for fitness led him to explore regenerative medicine like stem cell therapy. Eric experienced life-changing results from stem cell treatment for severe back pain. He’ll share insights on nutrition, recovery, and goal-setting for health and wellness. We also learn about Eric’s hobbies like CrossFit judging and jiu-jitsu.

This will be an insightful discussion on engineering, health transformations, and living your best life. Thanks for tuning in – let’s get started!

Our Guest 3 Hacks to take away

  1. The guest experienced severe back pain for years due to physical fitness activities and sought stem cell treatment in Colombia after chiropractic care and research showed promise for regenerating discs and tissues.
  2. Pre-work like an anti-inflammatory diet and post-work like physical therapy are important parts of the stem cell treatment process to maximize results and focus the stem cells on repairing injured areas.
  3. Daily discipline around nutrition, fitness, sleep, and making time for self-care are emphasized as important habits for overall well-being, in addition to setting clear goals and finding accountability.

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