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In this episode, we get to speak with Andrea Ervay.

Andrea is a business coach and mentor who has been helping entrepreneurs for almost two decades. In this episode, Andrea shares her insights on building an elite mindset for success. She discusses the importance of having strong foundations like daily routines and finding a mentor. Andrea also gives three practical hacks listeners can implement immediately in their business. We learn about Andrea’s journey from college athlete to business coach. It’s an inspiring discussion on strategizing for success and helping clients grow their businesses.

I hope you enjoy this conversation with Andrea as much as I did.

Our Guest 3 hacks to take away

  1. It’s important for entrepreneurs to develop strong daily routines and habits to set themselves up for success each day. Starting with just 3 tasks like getting out of bed, making your bed and brushing your teeth can make a big difference.
  2. Finding a mentor who is further along in your industry is critical. They can help guide your business strategy and provide valuable feedback and advice from their own experiences.
  3. Attending networking events is a great way to not only find mentors but also build your professional network and tribe of like-minded individuals. This can help you gain exposure and find potential collaborators.Let’s get started with your Home Studio! Be ready for live streaming, zoom calls, and creating content. Let me help you build a space that helps you gain confidence in front of the lens. Book a call here for a free consultation:⁠⁠⁠ ⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠

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