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In this episode, we get to speak with Freeman Linde.

Freeman Linde [Lin-dee] is a Fee-Only Fiduciary Certified Financial Planner. He enables folks over fifty to retire successfully and stay successfully retired through comprehensive financial planning and behavioral counseling. He is the founding owner of La Crosse Financial Planning.

Freeman is the author of 3D Retirement Income: Creating a Retirement Income that Outpaces Inflation, Outlives You, and Outperforms Others. The book teaches readers to avoid mistakes, myths, and conventional “wisdom” and pursue a strategy that works. It is highly rated on Amazon and Audible.

Freeman is the voice behind RetireMentorship, Your Mentor To and Through Retirement. The brand produces a weekly podcast and email, a quarterly magazine, and periodic webinars. The goal is to increase people’s knowledge of finances, deepen their belief in financial planning, and inspire them to act on that plan.

Freeman is passionate about self-development in all life domains, including the spiritual, relational, mental, physical, vocational, financial, and recreational domains. He’s an avid audiobook and podcast listener, an active husband and father, and passionate about business and entrepreneurship.

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Our Guest 3 Hacks to take away

  1. A fee-only fiduciary financial planner like Freeman Linde is legally and ethically obligated to recommend only options that are in the client’s best interest, with no incentive to sell products for commissions.
  2. Freeman critiques conventional retirement investing wisdom like target date funds and advocates getting a comprehensive financial plan that includes investment, retirement, insurance, and tax strategies tailored to individual goals.
  3. Freeman recommends maxing out HSA contributions before other retirement accounts like Roth IRAs due to its triple tax advantage status, and getting out of target date funds in 401ks to take a more intentional approach to retirement investing.

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